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Psychology counselling and coaching

In client focused sessions we work together in a process that enhances your potential. You are supported to work in line with your values, to reflect on past, current, and future performance situations in order to develop strategies and actions to achieve goals.


Interactive workshops across a variety of topics that impact performance. Each workshop provides a set of practical skills that can be employed in the studio and on stage to enhance technical and artistic ability.

Professional development

In one-on-one or group sessions for educators and coaches, we build structures for developing psychologically sound coaching methodologies and environments, including issues of self-care.

Online performance psychology courses

Online courses for dance teachers and dancers covering the theory and practice of key performance psychology topics. For more information visit www.danceknowledge.com


Areas of expertise

Confidence and self-talk
Use of imagery
Goal setting
Anxiety management and relaxation techniques
Concentration skills and re-focusing routines
Mental preparation and pre-performance routines
Motivation and arousal
Self-awareness and mindfulness
Stress and time management
Rest and recovery including life balance
Injury rehabilitation
Career planning and transitions
Body image and disordered eating